How to Best Prevent Law School Burnout

Here’s some tips on how to avoid burnout in law school so you can make it to the finish line:

EAT HEALTHY AND EXERCISE. Law school is absolutely time-consuming and drains a lot of your energy. In order to recoup the energy you’ve lost, you need GOOD brain food -not that unhealthy garbage (i.e. fast food) we love so much. Healthy eating accompanied by exercising will minimize your chances of burnout.

BE SOCIAL. It is not healthy for you to only worry about law school assignments and nothing else. There has to be time scheduled for you to decompress and destress. Hanging with friends will give you that positive energy boost you need to keep on. Don’t shut out the people who care for you.

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SCHEDULE SELF CARE DAYS. Most law students, unfortunately, make the mistake of never putting “me time” in their busy schedules. Your brain needs time to chill. Take the time to do things that give you joy. Give your mind time to rest and replenish.

“SURROUND YOURSELF WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE.” As in…separate yourself from people who are killing your vibe, depleting your energy, and who are just overall toxic. Law school is already tough. You don’t need anymore distractions, especially from crazy folk.

STOP COMPETING WITH OTHERS. By default, law school is a naturally competitive environment. You are surrounded by some of the smartest people our country has to offer. But that doesn’t mean you have to compete with them all the time neither do you need to constantly compare yourself to what your peers are doing. Focus on you and your abilities. Reward yourself for improvements and your wins.

CRY. I know it may be hard to imagine a lawyer crying and some may view crying as a sign of weakness. BUT WHO CARES WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK, EH? When no one is watching, let that stress out and cry. Crying is a natural way of our bodies releasing negative energy. Trust me – You will feel refreshed after.

GET THE HELP YOU NEED. Sometimes law students tend to burn out so early because they try to do EVERYTHING by themselves. They refuse to seek help, even though they desperately need it. Don’t let that be you. Get the help you need when you need it. Ask your professors or teaching assistants for academic help. Schedule a therapy session to make sure you are mentally sound.

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