8 Things You Should Never Tell Your Lawyer

1. “Another lawyer offered me a cheaper price for their services.” This does absolutely nothing except leave a bad taste in a lawyer’s mouth. Rates of lawyers depend on experience and reputation. Don’t discredit their expertise by asking for discounts.

2. “I have spoken before with 3 other lawyers about my case.” This sends an instant red flag to a lawyer. This statement screams that something is either wrong with your case or your attitude.

3. “I didn’t bring any documents or evidence related to my case.” It shows that you are NOT taking your case seriously. Lawyers want to put you in the best predicament to win your case and they can’t do that without relevant information.

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4. “Sorry I was late for this appointment. I forgot it was scheduled for today.” This sends another red flag to your lawyer. It shows them that you are not respectful of their time and you are not serious about your case.

5. “Google told me….” I know this is an open-ended statement, but just imagine the endless possibilities. It’s nice that googled answered a few of your research questions, but don’t insult a lawyer by thinking you can fix your legal problem on your own. Lawyers have experience and a law database that is way more knowledgable then google.

6. “I am guilty or committed this crime.” Lawyers cannot lie for you. If you admit to being guilty, it limits the defenses lawyers can use. A good lawyer wants to utilize every option and defense possible to help you win a case.

7. “If you don’t do what I ask by a certain deadline, I am going to report you to the state bar and file a malpractice claim against you.” Lawyers don’t respond well to threats. Therefore, it not in your best interest to attempt to threaten them. It’s a battle you don’t want to lose.

8. “I don’t understand why you don’t have an immediate answer for me.” It is true that lawyers are experts, but they won’t always have an answer on the spot. The law has a bunch of practice areas and many nuisances in different states. Give your lawyer some time to research before giving your answer.

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